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New “Knockout” Update for TERA Online to Introduce Brawler Class


En Masse Entertainment have announced that the next major update for TERA Online – titled ‘Knockout – will introduce a new character class to the game: a natural-born butt-kicking powerhouse of a tank known as the ‘Brawler’. Like the Reaper class which was locked to Elins, the Brawler seems to be limited to human females. Expect to hear more information on this class leading to launch, but for now you can find a sneak peek via the above trailer, below screenshots and THIS official teaser page.

Patrick “Treeshark” Sun | TERA Producer

The brawler packs a serious punch and can go toe-to-toe with the biggest bosses in the game. The new hit counter is the key to the brawler’s “punch and parry” fighting style, making her an incredibly powerful tank. And, when her rage meter builds up, she can unleash devastating combos with her massive ‘powerfist’ gauntlets.

“Knockout” provides other new additions to TERA, including two new sets of endgame armor—the tier 8 Dreadnaught set and the tier 9 Starfall set. Plus, Knockout also unveils two new dungeons, the pirate-infested “Kalivan’s Dreadnaught” and the haunted “Forsaken Island,” where players can earn and use all that new gear. The Knockout release arrives on North American TERA servers this December.

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