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Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Launches on PlayStation Vita


Following its prior release on the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier this year, Koei Tecmo have released the PlayStation Vita version of Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires on the digital PlayStation Store. DW8E once again tasks players with uniting China under one ruler, whether it be one of the 83 playable character from the Dynasty Warriors franchise or a figment of your own imagination through the Create a Warrior tool.

This PlayStation Vita version does come with a few features which help differentiate it from its release on other console. First off, there is touchscreen functionality offered which may or may not be to your personal tastes. The PS Vita version of DW8E also encourages two-player ad hoc cooperative multiplayer should you have a friend in the vicinity who also has a copy of the game. The game is compatible with PlayStation TV units. Those who already own a PS4 or PS3 copy of DW8E can also take full advantage of Cross-Save and Cross-Play functionality, and content downloaded for either console can be downloaded onto the PS Vita version free of charge.

Don’t have any downloadable content from a prior release? A special Edit Parts pack is available as an early-purchase bonus for those looking to purchase the game during its first month of release on the PlayStation Store.

Check out my review of the PS4 version HERE.

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