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Blade & Soul – Summoner Class Trailer


Continuing their “Class Week” series, the team at NCSoft have shared a new trailer and information for the Summoner class in Blade & Soul. This is a magical class available exclusively to the Lyn race, granting players access to a handful of skills while their summonable familiar engages with the foe through melee combat. Rather than simply regurgitate what they have posted, check the new article out for yourself HERE.

Personally the Summoner class is not my cup of tea, although according to the official English website for Blade & Soul it is one of the easiest classes to start out with. Personally, I will be going with the Force Master, which has yet to receive its chance to shine in the “Class Week” series.

Closed Beta testing is set to begin on October 30 2015, with at least five beta weekends scheduled from this month until the latter half of December. Access to this beta test will be guaranteed with the purchase of a Founder’s Pack (With prices ranging from $24.99 to $124.99). An unspecified number of beta keys will also be distributed through select channels.

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