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Just Cause 3 Tie-in App “The Wingsuit Experience” Released on Android, iOS


Granted it is kind of off-putting when what seems to be in-game footage is annotated with the words “NOT ACTUAL APP FOOTAGE”, Square Enix have recently announced that the Just Cause 3 spin-off app “The Wingsuit Experience” is now available for iOS and Android devices.

Available at no charge on both platforms, “The Wingsuit Experience” has players follow Rico Rodriguez as he skydives and wingsuits his way across the Mediterranean island of Medici. This app has been designed as a “360 Degree VR” experience, which uses your smartphone’s gyrometer to allow you to freely move the camera and view the world below you. The VR effect requires the use of something like Google Cardboard or other VR Goggles.

You can download the app HERE (iOS) or HERE (Android)

Ron Bakker | Founder of Mindlight (Developer of The Wingsuit Experience)

In order to show the world of Just Cause 3 in 360-degrees, in-game, we’ve captured over 10 TB of high resolution data to bring you this experience. This will allow you to immerse yourself in the most explosive sandbox ever made, ahead of the game’s release this December.

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