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Muv Luv Visual Novel Trilogy Celebrates Strong Initial Success on KickStarter


Image sourced from Muv-Luv Press Kit

In the past months we have seen quite a few visual novel success stories made via the Kickstarter crowd funding platform. Two examples which come to mind both come from the team at Sekai Project – with both CLANNAD and The Grisaia Trilogy netting the company a significant $541,161 and $475,255 respectively. There is one recent title however that could surpass both of these titles.

The teams at  Degica (Who also handle the RPG Maker franchise within international markets) and IXTL have recently announced that they are collaborating with Japanese production company âge-soft and original creator Koki Yoshimune to bring the visual novel Muv-Luv to international audiences. They started their crowdfunding campaign with an ambitious pledge goal of $250,000. They managed to surpass their initial goal within 24 hours, and with 27 days left have managed to raise $413,000.

The Kickstarter will focuses on the localisation and PC (Steam) release of the first two titles in the Muv-Luv series: Muv-Luve (Containing Part 1: Extra and Part 2: Unlimited) and Muv-Luv alternative (Part 3 – A direct sequel to Unlimited). You can find more information on all three titles at the bottom of this post.

This English localised release will include the most up-to-date HD graphics available, with assets sourced from not only the newer PS3 remakes but brand new updated content directly from âge-soft. It will also feature an upgraded engine to support newer OS’s and an updated user interface.

But as this is a crowdfunding campaign, one might be wondering if Degica will be offering Stretch Goals. The answer is: Yes. There are four stretch goals, ranging from $400,000 to $720,000. These stretch goals include additional asset improvements, newly supported consoles (Android + PS Vita), an official Codex and more.

For more information on this campaign and to pledge towards the stretch goals, click HERE.

Muv-Luv [Extra]

Shirogane Takeru was living a peaceful life as a 3rd year high school student, with his childhood friend Kagami Sumika. However, one morning Takeru awakens to see a mysterious girl named Mitsurugi Meiya sleeping in his bed. Thus begins the start of a high school love comedy where Takeru will have to choose between his childhood friend and the girl insisting they are bonded by fate.

Muv-Luv [Unlimited]

Shirogane Takeru finds himself stuck in a parallel world where mankind is on the brink of extinction after battling against alien invaders known as the BETA for the last 20 years. Takeru soon finds himself enrolled into the United Nations 11th Force to fight these aliens. In this strange world he finds parallel versions of all of his high school friends, with one exception: Kagami Sumika, who does not seem to exist. Soon he will have to fight to save mankind and protect the girl he comes to love over the course of the story.

Muv-Luv Alternative

Three years after witnessing the tragic exodus of mankind, Takeru wakes up believing that everything that had happened was just a dream. The brief hope that he has at last come back to his world is dashed away as soon as he discovers that he is once more trapped in the parallel world of Unlimited. Restarting on that fateful day he first came here, will Takeru manage to use his knowledge of previous events to change mankind’s tragic future?

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