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It Doesn’t Seem that Star Citizen’s Star Marine Module Will Be Released This Month


Above Video: That’s some fine ladder animation

During his Gamescom 2015 panel for Star Citizen, Chris Roberts announced Cloud Imperium Games was aiming for an August 2015 release for the Social Module alpha and a September 2015 release for the Star Marine FPS Module alpha. The company was able to meet their tentative deadline for the social module alpha, however it doesn’t seem like they have met the deadline for Star Marine.

It is clear that the development team have not been sitting on their hands for the past few weeks however, with extensive “Star Marine Status Update” posts being made via the official Roberts Space Industries / Star Citizen website weekly. You can read the most recent one HERE.

Given that I don’t personally care that much about the Star Marine module and are more interested in seeing its value within the Persistent Universe, I am personally more than happy for there to be delays in the release. But for those who are eagerly awaiting for a release, it seems like they are looking at potentially including it in Version 1.3.0 provided it is in the “bare minimum shape” to release it into the PTU. According to the individual who wrote the most recent Status Update post for Star Marine, they “look forward to everyone seeing the very first iteration of Star Marine” and “It’s almost here!”.

It Doesn't Seem that Star Citizen's Star Marine Module Will Be Released This Month 3
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