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TERA Online Receives Summer Swimsuit Sale



While those of us in the Southern Hemisphere are being met with colder temperatures, those in the North Hemisphere are finally getting to enjoy a bit more heat. To mark the oncoming of Summer in North America, En Masse Entertainment have announced a number of swimsuit deals in the TERA Store and in-game.

Those looking to put a bit of money into dressing their characters (of any race and gender) in swimwear can now head to the TERA Store where a selection of their 2012, 2013 and 2014 swimsuits and summer-related items and accessories have gone on sale. They will be also offering a Summer Sale 2015 pack which contains a Swimsuit 3-Pack Smart Box, a Foodie Weapon Skin Smart Box, and a Fun in the Sun Beach Box. This means you get a 2012 swimsuit for your character’s race/gender combination, a food-themed weapon skin for your class and a random summer accessory. This pack is available at 75% off, and can be purchased via either the TERA Store for 495 EMP or the Steam Store for $5.

Those looking to nab some costumes and accessories for free can just find them lying around on the ground in-game. Find and open Big Blue Boxes in-game for a chance to get temporary and permanent costumes and accessories (from the 2014 lineup), permanent party hats, fashion coupons, fireworks, and shape changer items.

The sale and subsequent events are being held from now until Monday June 22 at 10AM PDT.

TERA Online Receives Summer Swimsuit Sale 3
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