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New English Screenshots for Amnesia: Memories Focus on Ikki



Idea Factory International have shared a new batch of English localised screenshots for Amnesia: Memories, their very first visual novel project since opening their doors in 2013 (and mostly working on Hyperdimension Neptunia games). To be published on the PlayStation Vita in August, this romantic VN will see you take on the role of a custom named heroine who suffers from Amnesia. Unlike many choice-driven romantic VN’s however, you get to choose your romantic path at the start, with each “world”offered corresponding to a different lover.


This latest batch of screenshots focus on Ikki, the romantic interest of the “Spade World”. Ikki’s the playboy with untold depths. He may come off as callous, but play your cards right as the Heroine and soon he’ll only have eyes for you.

Amnesia: Memories will be released on the PlayStation Vita in August 2015 as a digital exclusive title. This will be followed by a PC Steam release at a date “soon after”.


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Synopsis of Amnesia: Memories

On the 1st of August, you awake as the Heroine, with previous memories of who you are somehow snatched away from you. In your confusion, a mysterious spirit named Orion appears to help you regain your memories. You’ll explore your own world as a complete stranger, trying to understand what was once familiar all while hiding your condition from the five men close to you. Because, as Orion warns, you may jeopardize any chance of recovering your memories if anyone finds out. It’s now up to you recover the past to rewrite your future love story!

New English Screenshots for Amnesia: Memories Focus on Ikki 14
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