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Meet the Potential Friends and Foes of Lost Dimension


In recent days, the team at ATLUS USA have shared two character trailers for their upcoming localized tactical RPG release of Lost Dimension. Developed by Lancarse, this PlayStation 3 / PlayStation Vita will see you as the protagonist and a group of other players ascend a labyrinth in order to save the world. The only complication is, each level of the dungeon will require you to sacrifice a member of the party deemed to be a “traitor”. The traitors for each playthrough will be completely random, and you will need to use your ability of foresight to determine which party members are the traitors.

In the game’s first character trailer above, we are introduced to Sojiro, Zenji and Himeno. Sojiro’s knowledge of medicine allows him to heal and revive fallen teammates, as well as inflict deadly status effects upon his foes. As a mimic, Zenji’s special powers allow him to copy the abilities of nearby teammates; he has the potential to double the trouble when you put him in your team, or if worse comes to worst, he’s carrying a shotgun too. Then there is the hot-headed Himeno, who can control fire and ice to obliterate anyone standing in your way.

In the trailer below, we are given a look at Agito, Marco and Nagi – all three whom will once again fight alongside you unless deemed to be a traitor. Agito can teleport himself to gain an advantage in battle, and set up some surprise tactics by teleporting allies and enemies as well. Marco on the other hand relies on sheer power; his telekinetic abilities can devastate even the most formidable foes, or protect him from taking damage. Lastly is the versatile Nagi, who flies around the battlefield thanks to her mastery over levitation. Her ability to levitate isn’t a one-trick pony either– she can use her body as a weapon and fly into enemies at incredible speeds to annihilate them.

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