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Square Enix Asking Fans to Vote For Their Ideal Just Cause 3 Collector’s Edition Contents



Provided you don’t mind spending the extra money, there is nothing nicer than picking up a Collector’s Edition for a video game you have been eagerly looking forward to… or just decided to spontaneously purchase. But it is sometimes a challenge to justify a purchase when there is little that interests you in one.

Presumably trying to minimize the risk of this scenario happening, Square Enix are asking the community to vote for their favourite Collector’s Edition goodies prior to announcing their edition. Via their dedicated voting website, the company are asking fans to vote which three goodies they would like to see included, with the options most voted for potentially being put together in the bundle. Options include a 32-page mini artbook, a destructible General status/puzzle, a map of Medici, a grapple hook replica or several other options from the simple to fairly impressive looking.

Votes are only being taken until March 18th 2015, so if you are interested, be sure to get your votes in soon.

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