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Persona 4 Dancing All Night – Rise Kujikawa Character Trailer


With the presumed full tracklisting and character cast for Persona 4: Dancing All Night unveiled by ATLUS a couple of weeks ago, the company have moved onto the next typical phase of promoting their games – individual character trailers. Following her first playable role in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Rise Kujikawa is set to be one of the starring characters of P4D. Therefore, she is the first to have received an individual character trailer.

Coming in at a little over 1 minute in length, this video features small storyline snippets (With brief appearances by Naoto Shirogane, Kanji Tatsumi and Yu Narukami) and gameplay footage of Rise performing on stage. The video also highlights that each character will have multiple costumes associated with them – even if each may only have one costume in their dialogue portraits.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is set for release in Japan on June 25th 2015, with an international release set to follow later on in the year.

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