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Ubisoft Launch Experimental Website for Far Cry 4


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In the lead up to their multiplatform launch of Far Cry 4 next month, Ubisoft have launched an experimental website titled Far Cry 4: What Are You Made Of?. The site is designed to test player reactions in a world of unpredictability, similar to what players are likely to face in the main game. Over the next four weeks, players are going to be asked to go through four “rites”, which seek to provide a peek into the wild and menacing world that Ubisoft Montreal has been building:

  • A deadly face-to-face with « An eye for an eye »
  • An impenetrable mind maze with « Rabbit hole »
  • A hypnotic trance with  « Mind Blossom »
  • A blindfolded sound chase with  « Escape »

Each rite, to be released on a weekly basis, is composed of interactive films in which the user has only a few seconds to make a decision and get out of the extreme situation they is trapped in. Each choice he makes triggers another sequence of events, pushing the user to make another choice and so on and so forth. In total, the digital platform can create up to 42 million different routes and it would require up to 100 days to explore all these different combinations. In other words, start now if you actually want to see the discreet or not so discreet differences between every route. At the end of each rite, the user’s choices are analysed with a specific algorithm that determines his personality and grants them access to exclusive content on Far Cry4 via Uplay.

Guillaume Carmona | EMEA Marketing Director at Ubisoft

We are looking forward to seeing the reaction of fans. This interactive campaign really puts the player at the centre of the experience offering a new and more intense approach to the game and its universe. This platform will allow each fan to live a totally different experience. That’s the beauty of a game like Far Cry 4 as players can actually create their own path, just like with this website. Each decision matters and conditions the outcome.

You can check out the full experience via the official Far Cry 4 website.

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