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Sentai Filmworks Announce February 2015 Anime Release Slate


While we may only be thee-quarters of the way through 2014, Sentai Filmworks are plowing ahead with their plans well into 2015. The North American anime publisher has today announced just what they have in store for February 2015, and while it may be the shortest month of the year, they have packed a fair few promising titles into their line-up. A full list of series can be found below:

Golden Time Collection 2
3rd February 2015 | DVD / Blu-ray | $49.98 / $59.98 | Japanese Dub | 300 Minutes

Adjusting to college life is hard enough for most students, but ever since Banri Tada lost all his memories he’s literally being haunted by the spirit of the person he was before the accident.  And now that the Banri-that-is has fallen in love with Koko instead of Linda, the girl his old self was in love with, the ghost of the Banri-that-was is stepping up its efforts to sabotage his new relationship with every power at its disposal.  Which means since past-Banri can sometimes take over present-Banri’s body, the entire life new-Banri has built is now in imminent danger of being blown away like a house of cards in a whirlwind.  And that doesn’t even take into account Linda and Koko’s feelings, let alone those of Banri’s friend, Mitsuo, who Koko was formerly in love with, but who now has a thing for Linda- at least, when he isn’t crushing on Chinami.  And if that sounds confusing, it’s nothing compared to how Banri feels as his old memories begin to resurface and the ultimate battle of Man Vs. Himself escalates in GOLDEN TIME – COLLECTION 2!

Leviathan ~ The Last Defense
3rd February 2015 | DVD / Blu-ray | $59.98 / $69.98 | Hybrid Dub | 325 Minutes

The land of Aquafall is a paradise, where life in all forms flourishes in peace and abundance. But when meteors rain down, each impact spawns hideous monsters sent by an enemy that wants to claim the green world for its own! Fortunately, the fairy Syrup is on guard and knows exactly what to do, and recruits an extraordinary team of young women to form the Aquafall Defenders. There’s the incredibly strong Jormungand, the fire-conjuring Bahamut, and the water-bending Leviathan. Unfortunately none of them are ideal warrior material, and Syrup will have her work cut out for her when it comes to teaching them to work together. Even if they manage to survive and unite as a team, can three lone girls really turn the tide of an alien invasion?  Well, it might help that they’ve all got a little bit of Dragon in them! The scales of fate will turn as the future of Aquafall hangs in the balance in LEVIATHAN ~ THE LAST DEFENSE!

Engaged to the Unidentified
10th February 2015 | DVD / Blu-ray | $49.98 / $59.98 | Japanese Dub | 300 Minutes

Not every girl gets what she wants on her 16th birthday, but Kobeni’s gift is something she never saw coming:  an arranged marriage!  Thanks to her late grandfather, Kobeni’s been engaged to a total stranger since childhood, and even though she’s supposedly met him she doesn’t remember a single thing about him. Even weirder is that both her Mom and creepily over-doting sister, Benio, seem completely unsurprised when the groom-to-be, Hakuya, and his younger sister, Mashiro, show up on the family’s doorstep to move in with them! But it’s not until they start attending Kobeni’s school that things take an even stranger turn after she starts to pick up some very… unusual vibes from her potential future family. From Mashiro’s obsession with aliens and UMAs (Unidentified Mysterious Animals), to Hakuya’s disconcerting lack of emotion, there’s something very off about them that Kobeni can’t quite put her finger on. What has her grandfather gotten her into?  And how does this relate to the strange gap in Kobeni’s memory?  From weird science to the supernatural, almost anything can happen when you’re ENGAGED TO THE UNIDENTIFIED!

Reideen Collection 2
10th February 2015 | DVD | $49.98 | Japanese Dub | 325 Minutes

As the attacks by the Mechanical Beasts continue to escalate, and Earth’s defenders struggle to develop new technology capable of stopping them, the mystery surrounding our planet’s greatest protector only deepens.  After all, if a weapon is only as dangerous as the being who wields it, why has the robot-like goliath known as Reideen chosen a high school student like Junki Saiga to be its pilot?  What is Reideen’s real purpose here on Earth?  Is it our last line of defense in this war, or could it actually be the cause of it?  And how many weapons and capabilities does it possess that have yet to be seen?  Solving these riddles could be the key to saving everything, but the clock is running down for the Vigilant Corps.  The enemy is no longer content to simply attack from space-they’re here, infiltrating our cities, and they already know who the pilot of Reideen is.  As Junki and Hoshikawa find themselves the targets of both human and alien covert action, the battle for the fate of our world expands to an even wider front in REIDEEN – COLLECTION TWO!

Hozuki’s Coolheadedness
17th February 2015 | DVD / Blu-ray | $49.98 / $59.98 | Japanese Dub | 325 Minutes

There are hard jobs, there are jobs that seem outright impossible, but in the end, the most difficult job in all creation probably belongs to Hozuki, Hell’s hardest working bureaucrat.  That’s because Hozuki is Deputy Chief to Enma, the King of Hell.   Enma spends all his time sitting in judgment of the recently deceased, so it’s up to Hozuki to keep the dark half of the afterlife running smoothly.  And that would be hellishly complicated even if Hell wasn’t constantly short on good help.  Fortunately, Hozuki’s not the typical bureaucratic hothead you’d expect to find heading a department of infernal affairs.  Fiendishly clever and determined enough to dedicate multiple lifetimes to a task (though not necessarily his OWN lifetimes), he’ll get the job done even if it means breaking a few unbreakable rules and running circles around Hell’s normal operating procedures.  As for patience… well, Hell hasn’t frozen over quite yet, so the verdict’s still out on that, but he doesn’t suffer fools lightly, let alone damned fools.  After all, that Highway to Hell isn’t going to get paved with just good intentions, so if someone has to suffer for all eternity, Hozuki’s damned sure that it’s not going to be himself in HOZUKI’S COOLHEADEDNESS!

Diabolik Lovers
24th February 2015 | Blu-ray | $39.98 | Hybrid Dub | 180 Minutes

Yui Komori has spent her life sheltered by the Church and the man she thinks of as her father, but now she’s going to a new home and there’s a very different kind of family waiting for her. To her dismay, she discovers that she’ll be living with six very attractive young men, and not a single one is human! But if trying to keep an entire brood of vampires at fangs’ length wasn’t stressful enough, there are even more sinister forces at work, threatening not only Yui’s life, but her very soul. Drawn into her wildest fantasies, or perhaps her most salacious nightmares, one thing is certain: Yui’s life will never be the same once she meets the DIABOLIK LOVERS!

Space Brothers Collection 1
24th February 2015 | DVD / Blu-ray | $49.98 / $59.98 | Japanese Dub | 325 Minutes

Mutta’s life has hit rock bottom.  He’s been fired, blackballed from his profession and even had to move back in with his parents.  Meanwhile, the career of Mutta’s brother, Hibito, has taken off like a rocket as he trains for the job Mutta once dreamed of: becoming an astronaut.  But is it ever too late to go after your dreams?  Through a little coercing and a bit of covert activity, Mutta’s family and friends can get his resume on the right desk, but from that point on it’ll be up to Mutta himself.  Does he have what it takes to turn his life around and put his footprint on the moon?  The first step on the highway to the stars is always the hardest, and in a job where crash and burn isn’t just a euphemism, it’ll be the biggest risk Mutta’s ever taken.  But with the right support team, maybe he’ll find what he needs to rekindle the spark inside him and light the biggest candle of them all!  Get ready to blast off into the most magnificent tomorrow ever in SPACE BROTHERS – COLLECTION 1!

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Collector’s Edition
24th February 2015 | DVD+Blu-ray Combo | $129.98 | Hybrid Dub | 325 Minutes

Yuta has a problem.  As one of the thousands of Japanese students afflicted with “chunibyo,” a state where they’re so desperate to stand out that they’ve literally convinced themselves that they have secret knowledge and hidden powers, Yuta spent most of his middle school years living in a complete fantasy world.  But that’s not his major problem now, as with a lot of work and effort, he’s finally managing to overcome his delusions to the point where he thinks he’s ready to start high school with all his cards in order.  No, his BIG problem is the girl he first encounters climbing on his balcony.  Because it seems that his own efforts to rid himself of his chunibyo have attracted the attentions of another sufferer, and SHE’s decided that this makes him her soul mate.  And since Rikka’s just moved in upstairs, now he’s being sucked into HER fantasy world!  Can a formerly wild and crazy guy handle being the focus of a completely delusional girl?  Or will his own chunibyo return with a vengeance?  Either way, the phrase “madly in love” is bound to get redefined in LOVE, CHUNIBYO & OTHER DELUSIONS!

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