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Samurai Warriors 4 Launches in Australia and New Zealand


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Following instalments in both Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi franchises being released earlier this year, Koei Tecmo and Mindscape have confirmed that Samurai Warriors 4 has now officially been released in Australia and New Zealand, exclusively on the PlayStation 4. Serving as Dynasty Warrior’s less renown sibling, Samurai Warriors 4 is set to provide even more button mashing in various settings across Japan – with brand new story modes, gameplay features and devastating attacks available for the player to enjoy.

Samurai Warriors 4 offers a roster of 55 playable characters including both a handful of newcomers and many familiar veterans, all of which have been given graphical upgrades. Eradicating the enemy ranks is also claimed to be “more thrilling than ever” with new maneuvers, including Hyper Attacks which allow for rapid movement on the battlefield, a powerful Rage Attack and deadly finishing moves with Mighty Strikes.

Those who have been to your local EB Games store in recent days would have already seen this on shelves, but Koei Tecmo are also offering a “Samurai Warriors 4: Special Anime Pack” which provides several pieces of exclusive content including: the Samurai Warriors 4: Special Anime Pack, an official game soundtrack, in-game DLC and commemorative 10th anniversary Collector’s Edition packaging.

Physical editions are limited to the PlayStation 4, however PS3 and PS Vita editions are available via the PlayStation Store.

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