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Sony Computer Entertainment Promote “Share Play” (PS4) Feature in Latest Trailer


[utube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocJeVjGIFfY”]

Have you been playing a game on the PlayStation 4 and spent hours, days, weeks stuck on a particular spot? Rather then heading online and searching for a guide to help you complete that spot – the consoles 2.0 update is set to allow you to call in the assistance of a friend.

Known as the “Share Play” feature, it will be possible to invite friends into your game to either spectate, join you (Multiplayer) or take over (Single Player) your gaming experience. Taking advantage of this system requires both players to have a PlayStation Plus membership, but doesn’t even require the other player to own the game.

Curious about how to set this up when the update goes live on 28th October 2014? Check out Sony Computer Entertainment’s new video guide on it above.

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