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Next Star Citizen Concept Sale to Be For Origin 890 Jump Luxury Spacecraft



Ben Lesnick from Cloud Imperium Games has announced via the Star Citizen Official Forums that their next “Concept Sale” will be for the Origin 890 Jump luxury spacecraft which will go on sale starting this Friday.

The question that comes from this is… how much will you be willing to spend for a digital ship? The ship will run at a price of $600 USD and be limited in number. The first allotment of 890 ships will be going on sale during the CitizenCon livestream, followed by additional allotments shortly after to cater towards those in other time zones or those who simply missed out the first allotment. Even with the first allotment alone this would see the Star Citizen crowdfunding campaign earn an extra $534,000.

More information on the ship will be unveiled later on this week (Including stats, concept art and more), but Lesnick has described theĀ Origin 890 JumpĀ as a “big, sexy ship that would make a great organization headquarters”.

I could think of many better things to spend $600 on personally, but each to their own…

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