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New Multiplayer Modes Introduced to Vertiginous Golf


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As far as golf games go, Vertiginous Golf is one of the most distinct ones you will ever play. With the game still being a part of Steam Early Access, there is also plenty more that the development team could add prior to its release. That’s just what the development team have done recently with three new modes being added to the game as part of a new “multiplayer update”.

These three modes are:

  • Arena mode – Players need to sink their ball into holes spread across the spiraling course to “control” them. Picking up the coloured eggs will unlock special attacks that can be performed by controlling your hummingbird, allowing you to attack your foes and defend your turf.
  • Race mode – There are a few race courses in the game where you will be trying to navigate the course as quickly as possible. Once again you collect eggs to unlock fuel for your Influence Bug, and weapons to mess with your competition. You can also turn weapons off in this mode if you want the feeling of a pure race.
  • Classic – This is essentially the same as the offline multiplayer where you simply play a game of golf. There are a few handy twists available; first of all you can turn weapons on or off which spices things up, and you all take your shots at the same time which means you aren’t sitting there waiting for your friends to make a move.

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