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From Hangar to Arena Commander, The Status of Your Ship in Star Citizen



With Cloud Imperium Games and  collaborative studios in the middle of their fourth wave of ship concept sales for Star Citizen, the developer shared a blog post the other day titled “How Ideas Take Flight: The Star Citizen Ship Pipeline“. The article detailed the process of how a ship is produced: from the initial conception stage all the way to being flight ready in “Arena Commander” mode – a fairly interesting read if you have the time.

But with only a handful of ships currently available in Arena Commander, some may be wondering the status of their ship. Travis Day who serves as Producer on Star Citizen included a table at the end of the aforementioned blog post which details the status of most ships. While the article has been changed a couple of times due to confusion over what each status meant, the current definition of each ship classification is:
Concept: Ideas and concepts behind the ship are currently being conceived.Concept Ready: Ideas and concepts behind the ship have been finalized, and is currently in production phase for eventual release into the Hangar Module.Hangar Ready: Currently available in the Hangar.Flight Ready: Currently in the process of being developed for inclusion in Arena Commander. Presumably most of what is developed in this period can be transferred over to the Persistent Universe once it is released.Complete: Available in both Hangar and Arena Commander modules.

The table can be found at the bottom of THIS POST. For quick access to the table, CTRL+F the text “CURRENT SHIP STATUS”.

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