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Ubisoft Australia to Host Australian Just Dance Championship



Found yourself dancing in front of the television for hours on end these past few years and feel you have what it takes to be the best “Just Dancer” in Australia? Ubisoft Australia have today announced that they will be hosting the first Australian Just Dance Championship as part of Ubisoft’s global quest to find the Just Dance Electronic Sport World Champion.

The championship will be held over two levels, the first being state qualifiers and the second being the Australian finals which will be held at the EB Games Expo in early-October 2014. Details on both stages can be found below:

Stage 1 –  State Qualifications

3 qualification competitions will take place in Australia with the top 2 “Just Dancers” from each state qualifying to compete in the Australian Final to be held at EB EXPO on October 5th, 2014.  The qualification dance offs will be held on the following dates at the following locations:

14th September 2014
Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance, 64 Sutton St, Melbourne, VIC 3051

New South Wales
21st September 2014
Q2 Dance, 1/105-107 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown, NSW 2050

28th September 2014
RAW Dance Company, 46 Evesham Street, Moorooka QLD 4105

Ubisoft don’t seem to be offering any alternate times for those who cannot make it on these days due to work or other commitments. Those interested in taking part are encouraged to pre-register for the event HERE. The two best dancers from each state will receive a return flight for one to Sydney and one nights’ accommodation to compete at the Australian Final at the EB Games Expo.

Stage 2 – Australian Finals

Qualifying finalists will take part in the Australian Final to be held on October 5th, 2014 at the EB Games Expo where the winner will be selected to participate at the ESWC World Final.  The winner will win a return economy flight to Paris, access to Paris Games Week, $500 spending money and 5 nights’ accommodation.

Matthew Tang | Australian Digital Sales and Marketing Manager

We are extremely excited to have Australia chosen to host a local Just Dance ESWC qualification event. The opportunity to send a Just Dance player from Australia to compete on a global scale is something we had to be a part of and we are really glad that we get to do this for our local Just Dance community

Ubisoft Australia to Host Australian Just Dance Championship 3
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