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Turtle Beach and Twitch Extend Their Official Partnership



The audio brand Turtle Beach and live streaming service Twitch have released a statement today confirming the extension of their exclusive partnership. This means that Turtle Beach will remain the official audio partner for Twitch, providing headsets and audio hardware for team chat and live streaming to support Twitch gaming tournaments and events – in addition to collaboration on marketing and promotional activity.

Juergen Stark | Chief Executive Officer of Turtle Beach Corporation

Twitch has been a great partner and we look forward to further collaboration as we pursue growth opportunities created by the recent console transition, both in the United States and in growing video game markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America. 

Amber Dalton | Director of Event Marketing of Twitch

Having top of the line audio equipment is integral to the optimum Twitch experience. Turtle Beach has been a phenomenal partner with stellar products, so we look forward to continuing to showcase their brand at all our events.

Bob Picunko | Chief Marketing Officer of Turtle Beach Corporation

Even considering all the competition for screen time across mobile devices, PC and television, the average Twitch member watches 106 minutes of live streaming on the site every day, and more than half watch more than 20 hours a week. Partnering with Twitch presents an opportunity to reach millions of the world’s most passionate gamers, day in and day out, and to align our brand with an incredibly popular and rapidly growing player in the industry.

Turtle Beach and Twitch Extend Their Official Partnership 3
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