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Swery65’s D4 Now Available on Xbox One


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2010 video game Deadly Premonition was unique. Despite its poor production values, Swery65 managed to weave an engrossing plot that saw the game walk away with a rare “A+” grade in the “Storyline” category during my review of it last year.

Exclusive to the Xbox One, Swery65’s latest work, D4, is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace exclusively for the Xbox One. Priced at just $19.95 AUD, this mystery game seeks to once again provide a smart yet surrealist tone that Swery65 has become known for in his work.

D4 stars the young, eccentric, and hip David Young, whose wife was killed two years prior, and whose killer hasn’t yet been brought to justice. David, for his part, possesses the special ability to re-experience moments from the past, simply by touching mementos – such as, say, a strappy, summery high-heeled shoe. When David’s crazy roommate attacks him (with a live mouse inside her mouth) in one of the game’s early scenes, David starts to reminisce about the time when she “suddenly” moved in, and wisps nostalgic about how she would often bring him dinner.

A review for D4 will be up on The Otaku’s Study soon.

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