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Reclaimer to Be First Ship Available in Star Citizen’s Third Concept Sales



Following the latest “Letter from the Chairman” earlier today, Ben Lesnick has confirmed via the official Star Citizen forums that it is the Reclaimer salvage ship that will be the first in a set of concept ships put up for early purchase on their Pledge store tomorrow. While not as pricey as other ships currently available, the listed price has been set at $350 – with the justification provided being:

The price is based on the size and components included in the ship (now locked down!) which you will learn more about tomorrow! But long story short, it’s really big.

– CIG Ben Lesnick | RSI Community Forums > General Chat > Reclaimer Pricing

The concept sale for the Reclaimer will only be run for one week, and will then be unavailable for purchase until the ship is available for viewing in the Hangar. At this point it is likely the Reclaimer will be listed as a higher price before – despite only the concept sales including Lifetime Insurance (LTI). Most ships will be available in-game however, and it will be possible to aspire towards purchasing the Reclaimer once Star Citizen launches in 2015/2016.

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