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School Uniform Costume DLC Now Available for Tales of Xillia 2



One of the original DLC costume sets released for Tales of Xillia last year was the school uniform set, which saw Jude, Milla and their four companions take on different school roles from Teacher (Alvin) to Elementary School Student (Elize).

Not wanting to leave the new characters out from being able to enjoy the “School Life” roles they would fulfil, Bandai Namco have released school uniform costumes for Ludger, Gaius and Muzét. Each of these costumes are now available via the PlayStation Store for $2.99 USD. Despite being a key character in the game, Elle will not be receiving any new costumes as part of these paid DLC sets.

Want a look at all the costumes available for Tales of Xillia 2 in the Japanese edition? Click HERE.


Gaius was always an indomitable leader in school and this outfit proves it! Comes with matching armband, scarf, and hairstyle.


Ludger is back to school and ready to get some hardcore book-learning on! Outfit comes with a matching hairstyle and hat.


Muzét shows off her school spirit with her school outfit! Comes complete with hairstyle, amband, rose pattern, and ribbon.

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