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Abyss Odyssey Now Available in North America and PAL regions


From rolling boulders down cliffs to now exploring a dark abyss, ACE Team have proved themselves many times that they try to think outside the box. Gamers are about to see if they have done so again with the indie developer with support from ATLUS USA launching Abyss Odyssey on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox360 platforms as a digital download exclusive.

While initially being launched at a price of $14.99, some special deals are being run for those purchasing the game on either console:

  1. PLAYSTATION 3: North American gamers can enjoy a 30% discount on the game for one week post-launch. PAL region gamers are also being offered this same deal BUT it is limited to PlayStation Plus subscribers only.
  2. XBOX 360: 33% discount for the first week post-launch.

Abyss Odyssey has an aesthetic that blends Art Nouveau and Chilean folklore in a procedurally generated environment. As players descend the Abyss, different regions will be home to different monsters, all of which have their own movesets. Capturing the soul of defeated enemies lets players take their form and battle as them. Death is no obstacle as well, as experience carries over between playthroughs. Levelling up allows more powerful monsters to be captured, more loot to be acquired, and more treasure to find. 

At the bottom of the abyss lies the warlock behind the enemies, and will be the boss that you face. But here’s the twist: defeating the boss only brings closer the changing of his form. As the community continues to beat the warlock, his mask will start to chip away. Once the community reaches a milestone, the mask will be destroyed completely, and the warlock will get bestowed with a brand new set of skills/challenges to overcome. In some ways it sounds like they have built upon the Ur-Dragon concept present in Dragon’s Dogma.

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