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OMG Zombies to Be Released via Steam Service On…


The team at Laughing Jackal have announced that Steam-users won’t have to wait much longer until their release of OMG Zombies hits the service, with a slated release date of the 13th February 2014 or next Thursday.

OMG Zombies is based on OMG HD Zombies (PS Vita) which in turn is a massively enhanced remake of the original PSP title OMG-Z. Described as a “hugely addictive chain-reaction shooter with a stylish monochrome art style”, OMG Zombies sees you using a few well-placed bullets to destroy huge swarms of zombies. This level of destruction is possible due to the accidental release of a virus derived from parasitic fungi which causes its zombified victims to EXPLODE when attacked. If any infected matter lands on another zombie then they explode too, causing a chain-reaction of gore!

OMG Zombies’  gameplay requires you to observe shambling hordes of undead, picking the best moment and position to take your shot, unleashing maximum destruction. As an elite Riot Cop you must carve a path through the outbreak and reach the military base from which it began. Your path through the city will diverge depending on how skilfully you clear each level.

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