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Kinect Sports Rivals – A Tour Around the Island


Microsoft have promoted their upcoming Xbox One Kinect game Kinect Sports Rivals with a new developer’s preview, with Xbox Live’s Major Nelson joining Rare’s Art Director Louise O’Connor on a guided tour of the Kinect Sports Rivals island – what they are flaunting as the “most competitive background in the history of the franchise”.

While it should be at least an “okay” release, I personally think it is sad that with all the talent Rare showed in their earlier years with platformers and other more traditional genres, that most of what we see from them comes in the form of Kinect games. Where is the next Banjo Kazooie or Conker game that myself and many fans would have been waiting for over the years?

Kinect Sports Rivals is set for release later this year and will include both new sports “made possible only with the Xbox One’s all-new Kinect” and a handful of older sports re-imagined.

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