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Microsoft Australia Boast Positive Statistics for the Xbox One



Off the back of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia sharing their own positive statistics for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Microsoft Australia have also boasted their own positive results on their now current-generation Xbox One video game console. Their conclusion? That consumers have showed their insatiable appetite for the next generation of gaming consoles, with Australians spending more on the Xbox One than any other console in 2013.

Quoting research by the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA), the Aussie video and computer games industry recorded 1.14 billion dollars worth of ‘traditional retail’ sales in addition to an estimated $899 million of digital sales. This led Jeremy Hinton, Microsoft Australia Business Group Lead of Interactive Entertainment to claim that the launch of the Xbox One continues to exceed expectations. He also shared the following insight:

Xbox One saw higher unit sales of consoles, games and accessories than any other next generation console in Australia last year and topped all prior console launches in the country’s history.

Supply of the Xbox One has been limited since Christmas, however we are doing our best to meet demand, especially for Australians looking to join the action with the launch of Titanfall on March 13.

Australians will continue to have more reasons to enjoy the best of gaming and entertainment through their Xbox One, with the launch of exclusive titles such as Titanfall, Kinect Sports Rival, Project Spark, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and more all in the coming weeks.

Added to this is the Xbox One’s continuous innovation with a commitment to listening to community feedback and delivering new features through system updates faster than ever before.

Microsoft Australia Boast Positive Statistics for the Xbox One 3
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