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17-Minutes of Thief – Lockdown Mission Playthrough Video


With Thief finally set to hit store shelves at the end of this month on current and last generation video game consoles (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and the PC), Square Enix and Eidos-Montreal have released a seventeen minute playthrough video which aims to showcase the immersive environments and dynamic players that they expect players will appreciate and enjoy.

This short transitional mission takes place immediately after the tutorial at the very beginning of the game After a heist gone horribly wrong; Garrett has to make his way to his hideout in Stonemarket Clocktower. Along the way, he happens upon a jewellery store. Garrett being who he is (The Master Thief), you can see where this is going… He can’t help but break in and steal shiny things.

Thief is being published by Square Enix in the Americas and other select regions, why the good folk and Namco Bandai Games Australia will once again be publishing the game within Australia and New Zealand. A review of the game, as well as the artbook released by Titan Books will be made closer to release.

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