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Mindscape to Handle Toukiden: The Age of Demons in Australia, New Zealand


Australian anime publisher Mindscape have finally confirmed that they will be handling the release of Toukiden: The Age of Demons in Australia and New Zealand for the PlayStation Vita. As with other regions, this English port of the 2013 Japanese release will be available for purchase from next month (February 2014).

Set against a backdrop inspired by various historical periods of Japan, Toukiden tells the tale of humanity’s last stand for survival. When monstrous demons (Oni) of varying strength and size invaded the world through cracks in space and time and started attacking humans, the only opposition came from the Slayers; a caste that has always secretly protected mankind from their murderous intent.

Eight years after time warped and Oni appeared, a brave young Slayer embarks on a journey to thin the numbers of the enemy and help humanity survive. Players take the role of this young warrior and can fully customise their characters, weapons and armour and form a group of hunters to take down the destructive Oni.

Pre-ordering through the PlayStation Store between now and release will net you the Mitama of Momotaro item, a warriors soul that will strengthen the players skill, and some cat ears to sweeten the deal.

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