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Sims 3 World “Roaring Heights” to be Avaialble Through Origin and Retailers from Next Month



With The Sims 4 now delayed until the second half of this year, it seems like Electronic Arts are milking The Sims 3 a bit more by releasing a consistent stream of digital items, clothing and worlds for the title. Soon after releasing their latest world, Roaring Heights, through the official Sims 3 store, the developer / publisher have confirmed the world will be available directly through Origin.com and selected retail outlets from the 6th February 2014.

In this new world, players will be welcomed to a sparkling city nestled by the sea where their Sims will experience a bustling lifestyle reminiscent of the golden era. This world will contain Art Deco skyscrapers, new locations to visit and the exclusive Fixer-Upper Car item. The Fixer-Upper Car is a classic vehicle that Sims will be able to work on to get into pristine shape. Once complete, Sims can take it out for a spin on the town.


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