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Electronic Arts, PopCap Launches Peggle 2 on the Xbox One



Electronic Arts and their PopCap Games development division have announced that Peggle 2 is now available first on the Xbox One as a digital-download only title. This sequel features many features of the 2007 original in addition to a wealth of new features – strewn over 60 levels, 60 trials and more.

Peggle 2 comes initially with five Peggle masters / power-ups, with more coming in future content updates. Returning from the original Peggle is Bjorn the unicorn, whose Super Guide power-up displays the path of the ball’s first bounce. The four new Peggle 2 masters are as follows: 

Berg: a lovable yeti whose Deep Freeze power causes pegs to slip and slide into each other, often with devastating chain reactions

Gnorman: a small gnome with big dreams and a power (Uber Volt) which supercharges the ball with electricity that lances out to strike two additional pegs for each hit peg

Jeffrey: a laid-back troll with a Bowlder power-up that smashes through pegs and bricks with crushing finality

Luna: a mysterious, but loveable ghost girl whose Nightshade power turns blue pegs into spectral shadows through which the ball can pass to reach difficult orange pegs – while racking up all the points from phantom blue pegs to boot.

Jared Neuss | Lead Producer on Peggle 2

With Peggle 2 we’re taking everything that our fans love about Peggle and bringing it to another level. The new Peggle Masters have tons of personality, their powers are all completely over the top and there is a massive amount of content for players to explore.

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