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‘Channeling of the Primal’ Trailer / Screenshots Released by Square Enix and Eidos Montreal for Thief


While not exclusive to current generation consoles, Thief will be the first step into the Playstation 4 and Xbox One markets for both Square Enix and Eidos Montreal from February 2014 next year. With the game only a couple of months away now, they have released a brand new trailer depicting the final heist for Garrett and his former protégé Erin.

Using a collection of in-game visuals, this trailer reveals the moment when the duo realize that the artifact they were hired to steal has a much more sinister history – and is the center of a bizarre ritual conducted by a secretive group of robed men who intend to harness a mysterious energy called The Primal.

The Primal has, until now, only ever been rumored to exist. Garret feels the job is too dangerous and attempts to call it off but the rebellious Erin refuses to abandon the heist. The ritual begins and the force of the Primal is unleashed, violently shaking the foundations of the building and Erin falls to her tragic death. As time passes The City begins to change. The population begins to change and so too does Garrett himself. It becomes clear that the force of The Primal is far greater than anyone could ever imagine.

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