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Companion App for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Now Available on Android and iOS Tablet Devices


One of the minor issues with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag as with other installments is that you need to stop play and go to a separate screen if you want to effectively view the world map or undertake a number of other tasks. Following the trend present with a lot of games recently, Ubisoft have embraced both iOS and Android platforms to turn it into a sort of quartermaster.

Some of the features of this free app include:

Interactive World Map – More exhaustive than your in-game map; see your mission objectives in real-time, set waypoints, zoom in and out, and search for locations with the tip of your finger. It’s also a great way to involve someone else in your single player experience, your friend can be your quartermaster (This in my opinion is the biggest perk of the app).

WorldMap copie

Kenway’s Fleet – You can now interact with the main game 24/7, wherever you may be. Use the ships that you have captured to send on missions, secure routes and collect cargo and currency. The Atlantic Ocean is thriving with opportunities and you’ll need many ships to take full advantage. You can even help secure your Uplay friends’ routes and get rewarded. (This is also available in-game, but this app seems to want to make it easier – given it doesn’t really use much in the way of in-game visuals).

Progress Tracker – All your game data is stored here, including main mission progress, crafting completion, and your current game status. (For those who religiously check for completion).

Initiates Wall – Display received messages, notifications from your friends and find community challenges.

Animus Database – Easily view, at your leisure, all the Animus Database entries unlocked in the main game.

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