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Particulars Receives Narrative and Audio Awards at Freeplay 2013



SeeThrough Studios, the Sydney-based indie developer has recently boasted their success at the Freeplay Festival 2013 event where they walked away with Best Narrative and Audio Design awards for their next upcoming title Particulars.

Particulars is a game they describe as having a “unique combination of arcade-action and puzzle gameplay” all the while set in a world of subatomic particules. Alison, a young scientist who feels like life has gotten away from her embarks on a dark and strange journey through the unsolved mysteries of the subatomic realm – with the aim of regaining clarity.

Saul Alexander | Creative Director and lead writer at SeeThrough Studios

Narrative is extremely important to us, but it has been extremely challenging to find the right approach to take on Particulars.¬†The key turned out to be highlighting these very specific human moments so that they stand out starkly against the very abstract gameplay. It’s exciting that all those rewrites have paid off!

As with many titles, Particulars is currently stuck in the Steam Greenlight phase, which you can put a Yay, Nay or Meh vote for HERE.

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