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Corpse Party: Blood Drive Delayed Until 2014, Gameplay Mechanics Confirmed



Now that you have kindly drawn your eyes away from the image of Ayumi Shinozaki ensnared by red tentacle-like beings, to business! Publisher 5pb have confirmed that Corpse Party: Blood Drive, the third installment in the Corpse Party trilogy which was rebooted by Team GrisGris (The original developers) several years ago, has been delayed to 2014 from its original late-2013 release date.

This Playstation Vita sequel to both Corpse Party: Blood Covered Repeated Fear and Corpse Party: Book of Shadows on the Playstation Portable is set to bring a conclusion to the Heavenly Host Elementary School arc of the franchise. After mixed reception to the search navigation system from Book of Shadows, it is set to return to its roots as an exploration game through the “Classic RPG” navigation system originally found it Corpse Party BCRF.

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