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Nippon Ichi Software’s Latest Trailer for Criminal Girls: Invitation Highlights the Punishment System and General Gameplay


In addition to their recent batch of screenshots released for the game (See: New Screenshots for Criminal Girls: Invitation Highlight Slimy Liquid and Feather Duster Punishments), Nippon Ichi Software have also launched a new trailer for Criminal Girls: Invitation.

The primary attraction of the game to some would be its punishment system, where discipline using everything from cosplay, slimy liquid and light electric shocks boosts the character proficiency in battle… apparently. However this is only given a small amount of screen time in the almost three minute long trailer, instead focusing more on the games unique RPG battle mechanics and the new characters exclusive to the Playstation Vita enhanced port.

Criminal Girls: Invitation is set for release in Japan on the 28th November 2013. An international release? Next to no chance in my mind.

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