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Spike Chunsoft Announce Danganronpa: Another Episode for PS Vita + Potential Third Main Installment


During yesterday afternoon’s Sony Computer Entertainment Japan press conference, Spike Chunsoft announced Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo DanganRonpa: Another Episode (Absolute Despair Girls: Danganronpa Another Episode) for the Playstation Vita, the next installment in their high-school murder mystery series that currently has an anime adaptation airing in Japan and an early 2014 international release planned.

If you have already had a look at the trailer above, you will tell that the game features quite different gameplay from earlier installments. This seems to be more of a spin-off action-adventure title using third-person shooter mechanics. For those who are familiar with the game (POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT) it seems to take place outside the confines of the school environment and may be during the happenings of the “The World’s Most Despair-Inducing Incident” given the number of exterior environments shown.

While this is “Another Episode” and most likely is not considered the third main installment in the franchise, the final few seconds of the video show the test “and also… 3”, indicating that they are working on the sequel to Dangan Ronpa: Academy of Hope and High School Students of Despair and Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Farewell Despair Academy.

International rights to the Danganronpa anime series are held by Funimation Entertainment while Nippon Ichi Software America hold international rights to at least the first game in the series.

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