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IAHGames Announce Rosa’s Summer Event for Granado Espada



Following their weekly maintenance for the game, SEA region online game publisher IAHGames have confirmed that one of their longest running titles Granado Espada will be holding a new event between the 5th and 26th September 2013. While a bit out of summer irrespective of what hemisphere you are in, the event is a summer costume event by the simple name of “Rosa’s Summer Event“, where competing daily can net you some nice costumes for one of your RNPC’s and/or a number of hairstyles.

Players with a Family Level of 20 and above can speak to Rosablanca in Bahia to receive a daily quest. This random quest can be completed and in return you will receive 2x (1x on first day) Rosa’s memo which can be traded in for prizes. These prizes include:

1. Bahia Mascot Medal

2. Kano’s Marine Look Hair

3. Kano’s Marine Look Costume

4. Cherlyn’s Summer Costume (drools)

5. Beatrice’s Summer Hair

6. Beatrice’s Summer Costume

7. Marie’s Summer Hair

8. Marie’s Summer Costume

9. Grandies’s Summer Hair

10. Grandies’s Summer Costume

Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange for all the costumes on a single account. Therefore you need to make your selections wisely.

[Source: IAHGames]

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