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FIFA 14 – Celebrations Trailer


We all know that if you’re going to go wild on FIFA 14, you need to look beach gorgeous. Enter Tim Cahill and team to give you a buff FIFA 14 celebrations workout live from the beach.

As this post goes live, there will be people in New South Wales, Australia picking up their copies of FIFA 14 at a midnight launch for the game. To celebrate the game being released for the PS3, Xbox360, Nintendo 3DS / Wii, PSP and PC, Electronic Arts Australia have released a “Celebrations Video” for the game.

Featuring Australian pack talent Tim Cahill and done in the style of the old early-morning workout videos that were popular in the late 90’s, early 00’s (Potentially still today), viewers are shown his best FIFA 14 celebration as part of the “We Are FIFA 14″ campaign”.

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