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The Wonderful 101 – Director’s Cut Trailer and (Mini) Nintendo Direct Footage


As mentioned in an earlier post of mine, Nintendo held a mini Nintendo Direct conference this evening which focused solely on Platinum Games’ Wii U exclusive title The Wonderful 101. For a console that seems to be losing third-party exclusives for multiplatform releases, it was a good decision of Nintendo to serve as publisher for the title as it is shaping up to be quite a promising game.

This evening Nintendo launched a new “Director’s Edition” trailer for the game. While the title of the trailer may indicate a special edition of the game, it is just an extended trailer of the game coming in at seven and a half minutes in length.

In additional news, a demo for The Wonderful 101 has just gone live on the Nintendo eShop for the Wii U just ahead of its late-August 2013 release.

Note: The above footage is from the PAL stream for the Nintendo Direct conference and some details may differ from the North American release.

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  1. Awesome. Super pumped for this (new IP, looks really fun, and unlike SOME studios making Wii U games, Platinum can actually make a game that looks like it belongs on HD consoles)… it’s definitely one of the few reasons I want a Wii U at all (along with Sonic Lost Worlds and Xenoblade 2). But I didn’t want to sit through a Nintendo Direct to gleam some info on it… even a Mini one 🙂 Glad to see the trailer work it’s way out onto the internet.

    Anyone know off the top of their heads if Hideki Kamiya is the guy responsible for Viewtiful Joe? I know he’s got a background doing Devil May Cry and Bayonetta, but Wonderful 101 REALLY seems to have some Viewtiful DNA in it…


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