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Tales of Symphonia Chronicles – Colette Brunel Character Trailer


Following on from their recent screenshot releases for the game (See: Tales of Symphonia Chronicles – Symphonia Side Screenshots), Namco Bandai have also decided to focus in on the first of the two games in the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles collection by releasing a brand new character trailer.

Following on from similar trailers for Emil, Marta (Dawn of the New World) and Lloyd, we are given a minute and a half look at Colette Brunel.

Colette is the games heroine and childhood friend of Lloyd. Though normally a bit clumsy and seemingly care-free, she has a strong will and sense of responsibility hidden underneath her soft appearance — she bears the weight of the world on her shoulders as the chosen one. She is not the type who looks to others for protection. If anything, she is bold and daring in times of need, always willing to sacrifice herself to help her friends.

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