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Nippon Ichi Software America Release Six New DLC Characters for Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory



While Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory was launched internationally all the way back in March, this has not stopped Nippon Ichi Software America continuing the DLC release slate set by developers Compile Heart in Japan. To this day continue releasing new paid and free content for the game.

Despite the mysterious disappearance of IF (Child) and Compa (Child) from the Playstation Store, in PAL regions six brand new paid characters based off different Japanese video game companies have emerged at the price of AUD $5.85 each. These include Broccoli, CyberConnect2 and Falcom whom are pictured above as well as MAGES, MarvelousAQL and Tekken pictured below. As these do not seem to be on-disc characters, the downloads for each of these characters are in excess of 100MB each.

Unlike Compa and IF who required you to be at the half-way point in the game, the only requirements to begin playing with these six characters are that you have progressed to Chapter 1 and can access Planeptune. I downloaded Broccoli as a test and despite not having any role in the storyline prior to this release, she was dubbed into English both during the events and battles. Once more she actually sounded quite similar to how I would expect Puchiko (The character which Broccoli is based off) to sound like going from past anime releases.


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