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New Gamescom 2013 Screenshots and “Savior’s Choice” Trailer Released for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Sazh to Return and Fang to Fight Alongside Lightning


With Gamescom currently being held, Square Enix have released to the general public their new “Savior’s Choice” trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII which is set for release in North America and PAL regions during February 2014.

The video focuses on Lightning’s ventures into The Wildlands, a rough expanse of wilderness that will reunite Lightning with Chocobos, Moggles and former comrade Sazh who is looking after his apparently soulless son Dahj. Also highlighted in the trailer is a battle where Lightning fights side-by-side with returning character Fang (Although just how frequently additional party members will join her is unknown) and a look at her super attack: ‘Army of One’.

This trailer is complemented by a set of 20 screenshots which you can check out below.

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