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New Character and Cosplay Punishments to Appear in Criminal Girls Invitation



Despite the game having low odds of ever seeing an international release (It is to some extent known as a “loli punishment” game), in Japan it has proved successful enough to have Nippon Ichi Software decide to port it over from the Playstation Portable to the Playstation Vita with a number of new features added to the mix.

Each of the girls you were able to battle with in the game (and subsequently punish) were based on a different humanoid personification of a Sin. Your job is to lead the girls through the tower of hell where they were initially imprisoned and finally allow them to achieve reincarnation.


While information on this new addition is limited, it has been confirmed that a new girl by the name of Himekami (ヒメカミ) will be joining your party at some point. More information on her role in the game and what Sin she represents (If any) should be announced in the future.


Another new addition made to Criminal Girls Invitation is costumes to be worn during punishments. While more are to be unveiled in the future, we have currently been given a look at illustrations featuring Kisaragi in gym clothes and Alice in a school swimsuit. The punishment system is also set to be evolved to take advantage of the Playstation Vita’s touch screen.

More screenshots and character artwork are available below. Criminal Girls Invitation is currently a Japan-exclusive title for the Playstation Vita, and is set for release on the 28th November 2013.

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