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Katla Larchica and Micie Sun Mussenburg Become DLC Playable Characters in Atelier Escha & Logy



Ever since Gust took advantage of the DLC systems back in the days of Atelier Totori, they have made an effort of including DLC content in all their Atelier games – often opting then to include all the content several years later in a Playstation Vita port. Things have not changed with Atelier Escha & Logy with the company having already released returning character Wilbell voll Erslied last month at the price of 500 yen.

But she is not the only character to receive the DLC character treatment, with the company confirming that Katla Larchica and Micie Sun Mussenburg will be the other two characters available for purchase for 500 yen apiece starting early-September 2013 (Assuming that gamers haven’t already completed the game and moved on by that point).


Both of the characters have had previous supporting character roles in the game. Katla Larchica is a cheerful 12 year old girl who runs one of the general stores in the game after her parents got out of the business. 14 year old Micie Sun Mussenburg on the other hand is a young elite working for the Inspection Department of The Center.

In addition to these two characters, Gust are also releasing a new high level dungeon for the game named “Interior of the Palace”. Unlike the characters this content will be free for anyone to download.

Of course… until Tecmo Koei or Nippon Ichi Software America confirm their plans for an initial release, all this means little to anyone other than those who imported the game from Japan.


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