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Game Dev Tycoon Now Available For Purchase on Steam



Independent video game development studio Greenheart Games have announced that their first ever title ‘Game Dev Tycoon‘ is now available for purchase via Steam on the PC and Mac.  The simulation game tasks players with managing a successful game development studio. Game Dev Tycoon offers a simple interface making it easy for anyone who is curious about the world of game development to give it a try and from experience can be quite addictive.

Game Dev Tycoon is currently offered at a sale price of $7.99 (USD), 20% off the normal Steam price of $9.99.

You can read more about the game in my recent review HERE.

Game Dev Tycoon was initially launched on the Windows 8 Store in December 2012. After successfully re-releasing on Greenheart Games’ website in early 2013, Greenheart Games continued to work on updating the game based on player feedback. The Steam version features a longer storyline, new platforms to develop games for, new artwork and the ability to edit the name of a game before you release it. The developers have rebalanced the review system, as well as add new gameplay mechanics and post-release game reports.

In Game Dev Tycoon, players get to start their own game development company and play through the history of game development. Players will start their humble business in a garage in the 1980s. As they research new technologies, create best selling games, hire and train staff they will grow their business and their impact on the industry. Players get the ability to make their own virtual games, choose the genre and what platform to release on. As they grow they will get opportunities to move into bigger offices and unlock secret labs, become the leader of the market and gain worldwide fans.

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