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Disney Interactive Get People To Provide Their Comments About Just How Broad Disney Infinity Is


I would always tread carefully whenever I see testimonials for an unreleased game on a trailer. You just never know whether there is an autocue in-front of the speakers, they have been asked very specific questions to answer or they are genuinely sharing their thoughts (The latter is what anyone could hope for).

Disney Interactive have recently released a new “testimonials” trailer for Disney Infinity under the title “Speaking Infinity“. They claim that have invited a group of kids in to share their thoughts about the game. Comments aside, the trailer also provides a look at new game footage on the worlds based around The Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles, Monsters University. and others.

Disney Infinity, set for release a little later this month by Disney Interactive Studios and Avalanche Software is what you would expect if LittleBigPlanet and Skylanders had a child while residing in the world of Disney. The game uses physical toys to unlock content and you can then enjoy the “Play Set Mode” with a number of activities around each of the series and “Toy Box Mode” which gives the player creative control over an open-world environment.

Physical toy play sets include the ones for Monsters University, Pirates of the Carribbean and The Incredibles which should be included with every new copy of the game, as well as additional paid ones such as Cars, The Nightmare Before Christmas and more which are set to be available at retail stores.

Given that Skylanders hold a monopoly over the video game toy market, having recently netted themselves $100 Million in sales within Australia alone (To be fair, given there is minimal competition at the moment this is the case by default) – will Disney Infinity see a strong a reception in a new but so far thriving market? Time will tell…

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