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Acttil Formally Confirm Kickstarter Success for Little Witch Academia 2


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While I reported on this a couple of days back, Acttil, a newly formed publisher of animation, video games and e-books have formally confirmed the success of the Little Witch Academia Episode 2 Kickstarter campaign that saw Studio TRIGGER walk away with $625,518 for production on the episode.

TRIGGER will utilize the pledged amount for the production of a 40-minute Little Witch Academia 2 animation, as well as issue rewards to backers. Little Witch Academia 2 is set to begin production next year.

Masahiko Otsuka | President of Animation Studio TRIGGER

The pledged amount was well over what we expected, and we cannot thank everyone enough who supported the Little Witch Academia 2 project on Kickstarter. At the same time, we definitely feel the pressure because we have to respond to this new challenge with our title. We’ve received the baton from our fans. We are ready to run as fast as we can, baton in hand!

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  1. Woo! I could only cough up $1 for this one myself this month, but it’s worth it to get in on the updates nonetheless. And, naturally, I’ll be there to pick up the eventual release. Good to support such a talented, young studio! And, along with Production I.G.’s Kick-Heart, good to see anime find some success on Kickstarter — hope it shows some people over there that, yeah, they still got a lot of fans here in the West who believe in ’em and what they do!


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