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Criminal Girls Invitation Not a New Title – Remake for the Playstation Vita


room Criminal Girls   Naughty or Nice?

Last month it was announced by Nippon Ichi Software in Japan that they would be bringing Disgaea 4 and Criminal Girls to the Playstation Vita. While Disgaea 4 Return was evidently going to be an updated port of the original game (Similar to what they did with Disgaea 3 Return) there was some question whether Criminal Girls Invitation would be a port or a completely new title.

According to a report posted by Dengeki, Criminal Girls Invitation is to be a Playstation Vita remake of the original game with additional content – including new events, characters, costumes and evolved means of punishment (Which was a draw of the game they originally planned to bring over to Disgaea 4 – until they removed the wooden horse and censored it considerably).

Unfortunately given past history the chances of this game reaching international audiences are low. I do however have a small impressions article I wrote back in 2010 on the game you can check out HERE.

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