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Want to Use the Global Link Service for Pokemon Black and White (1 / 2)? The Pokemon Company International to Cut Service Upon Launch of X / Y



Do you own Pokemon Black / White or Pokemon Black 2 / White 2? Are you a regular user of the Global Link service that is been included in both these releases. Unfortunately The Pokemon Company International have given a deadline for you to vacate your use of the service – with service to be reduced from October 2013 and to be almost completely discontinued from the 14th January 2014. This is to be replaced with the new Pokemon Global Link service which will be limited to Pokemon X and Y Editions – despite Black 2 and White 2 not being released too long ago on the Nintendo DS.

Players who have made use of the service over the past couple of years will be able to carry over certain achievements and records to the new service if they register for the new Pokemon Global Link under their existing username. However, more specifics on the new service will be unveiled in the near future.

Below is a schedule for the service to be taken down:


It is unfortunate to see that they are ending their service in a manner I would consider premature to its use. That being said you can read up more on this news HERE.

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